Near Mount Washington

Hi all,

I told Dirt Stew and Dormouse I would try to let everyone know, via email, that they had made it to Crawford Notch New Hampshire.  They have problems getting to computers where than can normally deal with their email.


We had decided on a 3 pm on Sunday rendezvous, and succeeded in meeting without a problem.  They were looking very well, showing absolutely no strain and appeared refreshed as if they had taken a day hike, not a very long trek.  It is agreeing with them.  We had a good time chatting with them ,

Their next thing for them this (past) Monday 8/9/10 was to head to a Lake near Mount Washington and then reach the summit the next day.  It might be a week before their next communication.

We brought them back to their point they had stopped hiking and we can say we were with them for almost a half a mile on the Appalachian Trail itself.  I thought we might hike with them 2.8 miles to the first peak milestone but they looked at us a little funny, and they were right.  I realized it would be unachievable after .2 of a mile assent.  Wow really beautiful scenery: Distant vistas and immediate surroundings..

Thanks Dormouse and Dirt Stew!

-Ed & Ernest Haffner

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