Preparation Angst

I’m kind of going nuts here.  I keep looking at Yogi’s Handbook, and looking at resupply strategies, and looking at the boxes that litter my living room floor wondering how on earth I’m going to make all this come together.  Somehow there is so much more preparation involved with this hike than our AT hike.  I’m not sure if it is because I’m making it more complicated, or because it actually is.

I think there is something particularly daunting about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail after hiking the Appalachian Trail.  It has to do with how many miles per day you are used to going on the difficult AT terrain, and how many miles you are expected to cover on the PCT.  I keep winding up with resupply strategies that involve roughly 150 mile sections.  Either I’m going to be hiking 30 miles a day, or I’m going to be carrying a shit ton of food.  Either way, I’m scared.

On top of that, we’re starting in snow, and I have no idea how many miles we’ll be able to do in snow.  The difference between 10 mile days and 15 mile days makes a big difference over 110 miles.

Should I just stop worrying about it so much?

Should I really just stop wasting my time planning and get outside and go for a run so I’m in better shape to do those 30 mile days?

I think it is particularly daunting for us because we’re going southbound, and so we don’t get the luxury of an easy 700 miles to “warm up with”.  We have to plan our resupply’s for Washington State now without knowing what our pace will be, but knowing that we’ll need to move as fast as possible.  Should I just over-pack my resupply boxes just in case?

Also, I really have no concept of how much Dirt Stew is actually going eat.  I feel like I’ve never had a good concept of how much food he needs, even after 6 years.  It doesn’t help that he gets sort of panicked when food is scarce.  The minute he comes home for work he shoves several hands full of peanuts into his mouth.  I have no idea how many calories that is.  Just on a normal day, I’ll cook food for what I think would be good for 5 people, and I eat my portion, and somehow the rest is gone by the end of the evening.

People say that you carry your fears with you.  Literally. Folks afraid of being cold carry too many clothes.  Folks afraid of getting hungry carry too much food.  Folks afraid of getting lost carry maps, a guide book, a GPS and a PLB.  Just take apart someone’s backpack and you’ll find their fears hiding inside.



2 thoughts on “Preparation Angst

  1. I like your closing paragraph here! I think you should write a philosophy book based from the perspective and using the vernacular of a long distance hiker. As far as answering any of your questions…I have no idea! Just tell us when to send stuff and we will 🙂


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