Songs stuck in our heads while hiking

Both Dormouse and I hike without any source of music (mp3s, radio, etc.)  Walking in silence often leaves us to think to ourselves but it also often leads to days of having completely random songs stuck in our heads.  Sometimes the songs are objectionable or annoying;  but sometimes quality songs end up in our heads along the way due to circumstances.  If you have ever had songs stuck in your head you know that knowing most of the words is somewhat of a cure and certainly better than having one phrase repeating in your head.  So here are a few songs stuck on repeat by the DJ in our brains.

Bob Marley- Get up stand up
Usually this song starts our the day.  Having to getting Dormouse out of our tent is always a struggle.  Her name really holds true, she is always more sleepy then me.  Saying “get up!” 4 or 5 times usually leads to this song stuck in my head.

Braid- Hiker Song
Dormouse and I were lucky enough to meet Braid and his friends who provided us and other hikers with an amazing spaghetti dinner at the Birches the night before climbing Mt Katahdin to finish our 2010 thru-hike.  To top the night off he sang this song and it has basically been stuck in our head while hiking ever since. 
Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
This song comes into play when we start going downhill.  Its really the “down, down, down” lyrics that get in our head.  On the PCT we might find ourselves singing more about the “burning ring of fire.”  Hopefully not too much though.  

Beyonce – to the left
The one is pretty irritating.  Anytime we say “left” in reference to a direction, there it is, stuck in our heads.  Can someone else suggest a song to fill this niche?

Cupid – Cupid Shuffle
I am hoping with all my might that this replaces the Beyonce song.  There are parts that say both “to the right” and “to the left”.  It’s going to take some work to get this one to kick out Beyonce, but I think it’s worth an effort.

The Proclaimers- I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
The reason this song gets in our heads should not have to be explained after listening to 30 seconds of the song, although 500 is sometimes replaced by 1000 in our version.

Jimmy Cliff- You can do it
We use this song to elevate our spirits and it does a pretty good job of that.

The Beatles- Here comes the sun
Oh,what a great feeling when the sun comes out!

Ace of Base- I saw the Sign (sun)
If you ignore the actual lyrics this song is great for when the sun comes out after a long hiatus.

What songs get stuck in your head while hiking?  Share in the comments section below.  Good luck to everyone at Kick-Off this weekend.  We wish we could be there.  We will probably walk past you in Oregon, see you then.
Dirt Stew

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