Starting our hike tomorrow, July 2nd!

This is it!  Tomorrow we head out to begin our hike southward.  As I mentioned in my last post, we will start on a trail slightly west of the PCT which is at lower elevations to avoid some treacherous snow.  We will get a ride from our great hosts Peter and Sharon (who have let us house sit for them last week while they went fishing in Alaska!) to Ross Lake.  From there we will hike the East Bank Trail northward until we hit the Canadian border.  Then we’ll come back down the same way, stopping to pick up a stashed bear canister full of food somewhere near where we cross the road going southward.  We will likely hit some snow at Park Creek Pass before we rejoining the Pacific Crest Trail just north of Stehekin.

Many of our friends and family have expressed interest in sending us a care package along the way, and so I am now publishing the places where we intend on picking up packages.  If you decide to send us something, check out our PCT 2014 Itinerary page, under the Pacific Crest Trail 2014 tab.

Today it’s been in the 90’s (degrees F) and tomorrow will be a warm day as well, meaning more snow will certainly be melting in the Cascade Mountains.

We begin this hike feeling confident in our plans, but with a lot of respect for these mountains, and the terrain.

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