Open Letter to the Saufley’s

The Saufley’s,

I saw your announcement this week that you will be closing your doors as trail angels. I never got to meet you, and I wish I had. We stayed at your place during our Southbound thru-hike last year, and your son and daughter-in-law were there to greet us. We were absolutely amazed at the thought that went into accommodating thru-hikers. We noticed so many thoughtful touches that I literally had to walk around the trailer with a camera and my mouth wide open. Hair clippers, disposable razors, q-tips, nail grooming, and even earplugs. How did you know I needed new earplugs!? Also the array of musical instruments, DVD’s and the fully equipped kitchen left us entertained and well fed. We spent two nights in this hiker paradise, taking one of the only 4 zeros that we took on the entire trail. I’m sure the experience was much different for northbounders who arrive in masses and fight for resources, and I’m sure the experience of seeing the trail community grow as it has—exponentially in the last few years has really made it a challenge. When I asked Joe Anderson why he decided to host hikers, he told me that he thought that anyone who stands at the Mexican (or Canadian) border and thinks they can walk to the other border, has got to be an interesting person, and he wanted to meet those people. To that my reply is- anyone who is willing to let hundreds of dirty messy and stinky hikers into their home has got to be an interesting person, and I want to meet those people!  🙂 I wish we could have met. I know you’ve met so many of us hikers over the years, and I bet there have been some interesting ones, some annoying ones, some generous, and not so generous. I can’t even begin to imagine. But let me tell you, we’re grateful.

Thanks for your generosity,

Dormouse (Christine)

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Saufley’s

  1. The Saufley’s are just awesome for all they have done. I don’t know how they managed the chaos but they helped so many. I get stressed (sometimes) simply hosting an occasional warmshowers (like couchsurfing for bike tourers) guest. It’s not always easy hosting.


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