TA 2018

In 2018 we hiked the Te Araroa Trail.  We started on January 14th with the intention of hiking the whole South Island, and then hiking bits and pieces of the North Island.  After about 500 miles of hiking on the South Island, we decided to skip some of the road walks on the South Island as well.

Here is the gear that we carried on the trail.  We did wind up buying an extra layer during our time in the North Island, as it got colder.

Click here to read a great article Christine wrote for Gossamer Gear about our hike on the Te Araroa Trail

Clothes worn
Manufacturer Weight (oz) Weight (lbs)
Tanktop Champion 2.8
Shorts Brooks 4.1
Wool bra ibex 1.6
Socks- short, thin Darn Tough 1.4
Shoes Astral 19.8
Gaiters Dirty Girl 1.1
Ball cap (sunrunner) Outdoor Research 3
Trekking Poles Gossamer Gear 11.1
Total: 44.9oz 2.81lbs
Rain pants Lightheart Gear 4.1
Rain jacket Lightheart Gear 5.1
Windstopper fleece hat Mountain Hardwear 1.8
Liner gloves Merrel 1.1
Down hood Zpacks 1.6
Long sleeved wool baselayer Icebreaker 4.6
Long underwear silk bottoms Eddie Bauer 4
Socks- short, thick Darn Tough 2.1
Socke – short thick Farm to Feet 1.6
Underwear Vanity Fair 1.2
Down puffy Golite (RIP) 6
Long pants LL Bean 8.1
Heat net 0.6
Clothes stuff sac Gossamer Gear 0.5
Total: 42.4oz 2.65lbs
Backpack – Mariposa Gossamer Gear 34
Sleeping pad (insulated 20S) Nemo 10.1
Pack liner Gossamer Gear 1.2
Sleeping bag- 10 degree Western Mountaineering 33.4
Sleeping bag stuff sac Sea to Summit 1.1
Pillow Sea to Summit 1.9
Food Bag Gossamer Gear 0.7
Waterblatter Platypus 3L 6
Umbrella Gossamer Gear 8.1
Water filter Sawyer Mini Squeeze 2.3
Bandana 1.2
Headlamp Princeton Tec 3
Toothbrush and toothpaste 1.5
Hand sanitizer 1
Dropper bottle with bleach 0.5
Ear plugs 0.2
Chapstick 0.2
P-style 0.8
First Aid Kit 6.5
Pee bottle 1.8
Toilet paper and tampons 1.7
Shoulder pocket Gossamer Gear 1.6
Folding keyboard iwerkz 5.1
iphone SE with case apple 5.3
Wallet 1.3
Sunglasses +Case 1.8
Glasses + Case 1.9
Compass Suunto 1
Onces Pounds
Total Gear: 135.2oz 8.45lbs
Total Gear + Clothes Carried: 177.6oz 11.1lbs
Dirt Stew
Clothes Worn
Manufacturer Weight (oz) Weight (lbs)
Hiking pants LL Bean 12.6
Synthetic underwear EMS 3.2
Wool T-shirt Icebreaker 4.9
Socks Darn Tough 2.1
Ankle brace 1
Shoes Brooks 28.9
Trekking pole Lekki 9.4
Total Clothes Worn 62.1oz 3.88lbs
Clothes Carried:
Down puffy Golite 6.9
Socks – short Darn Tough 2.1
Socks – short Farm to feet 1.1
Long underwear top Icebreaker 6.8
Shorts Underarmor 4.9
Rain pants Light Heart Gear 4.6
Rain jacket Light Heart Gear 6.4
Hat Mountain hardware 2.6
Bug netting 1.8
Stuff sac Gossamer Gear 0.5
Wallet 1.2
Total Clothes Carried 38.9oz 2.43lbs
Two person Tent- Haven Six Moon Designs 35.6
Tent stakes with stuff sac 3.8
Sleeping bag- Humming bird Feathered Friends 28.2
Sleeping bag stuff sac 1
Pillow Sea to summit 2.4
Pack liner Gossamer gear 1.4
Backpack – Mariposa Gossamer gear
Sleeping pad- neoair Thermarest 7.6
1L storage Jar (for cold soaking) Nalgene 6.8
Bowl – plastic 1.5
Spoon- plastic 0.4
Spoon- titanium MSR 0.6
Hydration blatter Platypus 6
Bandana 1.2
Headlamp Energizer 3.1
Toothbrush and paste 1.4
Chapstick (with spf) 0.3
Camera + charger and spare battery Canon 10.1
Shoulder pocket Gossamer Gear 1.6
Bleach in dropper bottle 0.5
PLB Res Q link 5.2
iphone 5 with case Apple 4.9
USB and power adapter 2
chargers for iphones 1.1
USB SD card reader 0.4
GPS Garmen 5.3
Pedco Ultrapod 1.8
Electonics bag 0.2
Waterproof ziplock 1.3
Umbrella Gossamer gear 8.1
Food bag 2
Ear plugs in case 0.2
Gold bond 1.4
Toilet paper 1.2
Notebook Write in the rain 2
Sunglasses 0.6
Onces Pounds
Total Gear 185.5oz 11.59lbs
Total Gear + Clothes Carried 224.4oz 14.03lbs