Thank Yous

We owe a lot to people in our lives who help us along the way.  This thank you list is particular to our PCT 2014 trip.

Our Parents:
We wouldn’t be able to do what we love most if we weren’t given the opportunities that we were as children. Between summer hiking camps and high school backpacking trips, our parents gave us many opportunities to grow as individuals, and become the outdoor enthusiasts that we are today.  Thanks for supporting us along the way!

Dormouse’s Aunt and Uncle:
Our beloved 17 year old Maltese dog needed a home for several months while we hike the PCT. Tony and Margo agreed to take care of him during that time, and without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to hike in 2014. We are so thankful for their generosity.

Don and Jenny:
Our dear friends from San Francisco have agreed to take 10-15 pre-packaged boxes, and ship them to us along the trail. This is how we’re going to get the food and resupply items that we need in town. We are so grateful that they have agreed to take on this very important task for us.

We are very lucky to know someone in the GPS business!  Thank you, Stephen for getting us a great deal of a Garmen hand held GPS so that we don’t get lost in the snow and die of starvation within the first 200 miles of the PCT.

We are very grateful to Lubko for hosting us at Lake Tahoe and giving us advice on where to practice self arresting.  We are going into the snow with more confidence!

Jon and Tana:
Jon is also a hiker, and offered via Facebook to let us stay at their place and offered us a ride to the trail to begin our hike.  Due to high snow, we had to delay our start.  Jon was very helpful with his knowledge of local trails, climate, and geography.  He also helped us quite a bit with our gear!

Peter and Sharon:
Peter is an old army buddy of Dirt Stew’s dad, and he and his wife Sharon offered to let us stay for a week at their house while they went fishing in Alaska.  It was wonderful to have a place to stay while waiting for the snow to melt, and fresh fish too!  Thanks so much.

A big thanks to KEEN Footwear for selecting us to try out their new Olympus Socks.  We are looking forward to getting 12 pairs throughout our hike:!4%20crew/slate%20black

We are very grateful that the dedicated workers and volunteers at the PCTA continue to protect, preserve, and maintain the Pacific Crest Trail.

San Bruno Mountain Watch:
We must thank the members of San Bruno Mountain Watch, who have taught us a tremendous amount about the plants, animals, and natural habitat in California. We are starting the Pacific Crest Trail with a good knowledge of some of the things we will encounter.

3 thoughts on “Thank Yous

  1. Dormouse…enjoy reading your adventures on the trail. Sadly you missed this year’s Center of the Universe (COTU) festival, perhaps next year! Trust you have time to consider issues of heat capacity and thermal conductivity during your sojourn.


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