PCT 2014 Itinerary

Here are the towns where we plan on picking up mail drops (packages we made for ourselves filled with food and other resupply items), and our estimated times of arrival.  We will try to update our estimated arrival times as we go.

We have had friends and family express an interest in sending us goodies and words of encouragement along the way.  If you send us something, it will mean a great deal to us.  I have made a few notes below our itinerary on how best to do this.


Town/Name Mileage Southbound ETA Address
Harts Pass, WA 7/2/2014 NA
Stehekin, WA 50 7/9/2014 c/o General Delivery Stehekin, WA 98852
Skykomish, WA 154 7/14/2014 c/o Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven PO Box 374 Skykomish, WA 98288
Snoqualmie Pass, WA 228 7/19/2014 c/o Chevron Station Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068
White Pass, WA 327 7/23/2014 c/o White Pass Rural Branch PO at the Kracker Barrel Store 48851 US Highway 12 Naches, WA 98937
Trout Lake, WA 393 7/27/2014 c/o Trout Lake Grocery PO Box 132 Trout Lake, WA 98650
Timberline Lodge, OR 523 8/2/2014 c/o Timberline Ski Area 27500 E Timberline RD WY East Store Timberline Lodge, OR 97028
Big Lake Youth Camp 629 8/7/2014 c/o Big Lake Youth Camp 13100 Highway 20 Sisters, OR 97759
Shelter Cove Resort 718 8/11/2014 c/o Shelter Cove Resort 27600 West Odell Lake Road Highway 58 Crescent, OR 97733
Crater Lake (Mazama Store) 801 8/20/2014 c/o Crater Lake Camp Store Mazama Village Crater Lake, OR 97604
Seiad Valley, CA 968 8/31/2014 c/o General Delivery Seiad Valley, CA 96086
Burney Falls State Park 1207 9/6/2014 c/o Burney Park Camp Store McArthur Burney Falls State Park 24900 State Highway 89 Burney, CA 96013
Old Station 1252 9/10/2014 General Delivery C/O Old Station, CA 97071
Caribou Crossings (Belden, CA 1341 9/24/2014 C/O Caribou Crossings, 1642 Highway 70, PO Box 1, Belden, CA 95915
Kennedy Meadows North 1612 10/9/2014 c/o Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack Station 57 miles East of Sonora on Hwy 108 Sonora, CA 95370
Kennedy Meadows 1928 10/28/2014 c/o Kennedy Meadows General Store 96740 Beach Meadow Road Inyokern, CA 93527
Wrightwood 2261 11/11/2014 c/o Mountain Hardware PO Box 398 Wrightwood, CA 92397
Warner Springs, CA 2521 11/16/2014 c/o General Delivery Warner Springs, CA 92086


If you would like to send us something, please:

  • Email us or send us a message to let us know if you are planning to send a package. We may not get boxes we don’t ask for at the Post Office.
  • Try to send your box two weeks in advance of our estimated arrival date.  We will try to update our ETAs along the way.
  • Boxes should be sent via USPS Priority Mail through the US Post Office.
  • Note that we have a few places ( Shelter Cove Resort in Crescent Lake, OR, Burney Falls in Burney, CA, and  Kennedy Meadows Resort in Sonora, CA) that only accept UPS packages.
  • Letters can be mailed via regular mail.
  • Put both of our first and last names on the package so either one of us can pick it up.
  • DO NOT send anything we have to sign for. USPS Priority Mail is ALWAYS the best option
  • On the box/letter write “HOLD FOR PCT HIKER, ETA: (expected arrival date)”

Things we would love to get:

  • Anything edible in small quantities
  • Letters from you! Words of encouragement mean a lot to us 🙂
  • Small clips from the newspaper with interesting stories or cartoons

Don’t send:

  • Anything heavy
  • Anything in large quantities

Remember, anything you send us, we either have to consume, or carry with us!


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